Elopement + Intimate Wedding Photographer for the courageously raw + unabashedly weird

About: Jessica Collins Elopement Photographer

Jessica Collins is a Texas based, world traveling photographer specializing in adventurous elopements and intimate destination weddings. Her style is moody, emotive, and fun. She would do anything for a bréve latte and tacos…ANYTHING.

Hey hey babes i’m Jess!

I’m an adventurous elopement and couples photographer based in Fort Worth, Texas. I live for brevé lattes, tacos, minimalism, and traveling. Laughing is one of my favoritest things, so dad jokes, puns, and innuendos are constantly spilling out of my mouth. I call Texas home, but nothing makes me happier than traveling to somewhere new!

My spirit soars in cool weather, under clouds, and in vast rugged landscapes. I love the wonder of traveling to somewhere I’ve never been and diving into an unknown culture equally as much as skateboarding + introverting at home in my underwears. (What can I say I’m a complex human.) Most days you can find me sitting in a local coffee shop at MY corner table editing my latest photo session and sipping my coveted vanilla brevé latte. When I’m not there I am probably at a friend’s house laughing and snorting at an inappropriate meme over wine.

I’m a professional 3rd wheel, curiositor (<----word I made up to describe my insane curiosity), wanderer- at heart, a story teller. I want to know everyone's story, WHY they do what they do, how things work. Sometimes this curiosity lands me in really awkward situations, but mostly it just takes me on grand adventures. 

These adventures have fueled my love for story. I’ve met different people, from different places, with different backgrounds and different perspectives, and found that while we all have a different story to tell, it is also, fundamentally, very much the same- stories of love, broken and beautiful, if you will… brutiful. 

Jessica has a contagious smile and a wicked wit about her that lights up any room with warmth and joy! Her photos cut right to ALL the feels and you know she has poured her heart and soul into her creative passion.
Jessica is pretty much a Bad Ass!
— Michele


I’m really easygoing and an excellent travel buddy, who finds the unexpected hiccups that come with travel and photography to be just another grand adventure.

As an elopement photographer who is out to capture those raw intimate moments, the tear inducing belly laughs, and every emotion in between. Basically everyone and their mom has told me “I’m just so awkward in front of the camera,” and I get it! It can be totally uncomfortable, and like… what do you do with your hands? Are you supposed to smize or do  blue steel?!! Ahhhghgfff!!

This is where I come in, baring my silly, raw, and weird self to help put you at ease. I want to capture your unique connection, and the true story that lies in every laugh line, touch of a hand, and windswept hair. I’m NOT about posing you like disjointed vogue models and asking you to suck it in. I want to see that you love each other, the way you make your boo laugh by wiggling your ears, and cry by telling them what’s really on your heart. I don’t just capture your faces, but all the feels that you have for one another. If you bravely show up and are vulnerable enough to be YOU, I promise to hold that sacred space and be myself too. Together we will tell every gorgeous detail of this, your love story.

I go hard for my boo’s. (If i’m taking photos of you, that means you are now my boo.) I will climb, squat, and lay flat in the mud to get the shot! I will do anything and everything in my power to make you comfortable (starting with sharing a couple of drinks + tacos), make you laugh, and forget any nerves you may have. Now just as heads up, I will be weird and silly. There will be dad jokes, puns, and innuendos. And I will most definitely end up looking like a sweaty mess, but YOU will end up with emotive images that tell your unique and beautiful love story.

I don’t want to just capture how you look, but how you feel. Stories and beauty aren’t just found in awe inspiring landscapes and special occasions, but in the real + raw moments of life.